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  • Painkiller for Breakfast T-Shirt

Painkiller for Breakfast T-Shirt

Show your nautical spirit with this trendy, fun, UP SPIRITS Tshirt! High-quality 5.3 oz cotton Tshirt with durable full-color screenprinted design on back. Pusser's Rum logo placed on front chest pocket.


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In recognition of our 300 plus year tradition, Pusser’s has created a collector’s line of durable, stylish and versatile clothing that is ideal for sailing, island-hopping or simply being a citizen about town.  Each of the pieces resonates with maritime history and nautical motifs. Our first products were the Sailing Shorts and the Skipper’s Madras Cotton Shirt. After 30 years, they’ve more than stood the test of time. There’s really no magic about it – attention to detail, the best fabrics, and made-to-measure fit and finish.  Browse through our collection and pick up a few items for those occasions when you want to look effortlessly neat and carelessly cool. 

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