Pusser's Rum

Pussers Rum Cake - 2LB (32oz)

A taste of history.

For almost three centuries, the Royal Navy has baked rum cakes to honor and celebrate special Royal Family occasions. Pusser’s Rum is the official rum of the Royal Navy, making it an essential ingredient in this traditional delicacy.

You can now enjoy this delectable dessert for yourself by ordering your very own Pusser’s Premium Rum Cake. Made using the original, old world recipe, each cake is baked with love, care, and lots of Pusser’s!

The bold, robust taste of Pusser’s Rum makes these cakes irresistible, whether you’re a rum connoisseur or a foodie with a sweet tooth.

Your rum cake will arrive in a collectible tin featuring a hand-painted design, gold embossed lettering, and nautical elements. There’s even a full map of the BVI on the bottom.

Order yours today (or surprise a loved one with a gift!), and see for yourself why Pusser’s Premium Rum Cakes are a Royal tradition.

There’s only one Royal Navy rum, and there’s only one Royal Navy rum cake – Pusser’s.


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